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Protection for you and your visitors

Show your visitors that you’re serious about their privacy, and protect yourself from possible fines by ensuring that you have a privacy policy that is up to date with the latest Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that came into effect on 12th March 2014. Click here to create a privacy policy in minutes.

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Simplified and Extended Versions

Following the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner recommendations, your policy includes a simplified and extended version. The simplified version is easy to read and understand, while the extended version goes into detail about how you handle your visitors information. Both of these versions are included in the price of your policy.


One-off Low Price

We don’t believe in recurring charges, which is why we only charge you a one-off fee for each privacy policy you create. This ensures that your ongoing costs are kept low throughout the life of your website, and that you know what costs you have upfront.
To learn more about our pricing or to see if you’re eligible to join our Partner Program for discounts – click here.

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Made by Australians, for Australians

Our mind-set is on Australian law. This means that we can focus our energy into the laws and legislations that affect your websites, ensuring that the privacy policy you create is of high standards. With focus solely on one country, it means we will always be up-to-date, and ready to assist you with any queries you may have. What’s better, is that you’re helping the Australian economy.

Easy to Use

Using our beautiful and easy interface, you can create a privacy policy in minutes. Simply select your services from the left-hand side and it will auto-populate into the privacy policy summary on the right. To make things easier, the top four services that are used the most are labelled with a star.


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Do it Your Way

Extra freedom to give you more control over your policy.

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On-sell & Margins

Add value to your next web project. If you build or design websites, you can save and make amazing margins by joining our Partner Program.

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No Badges

Unlike other privacy websites, we don’t include a branded badge as part of your policy. You can take all the credit for it.

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Style & Implement Your Way

An unformatted policy means you can match the typography and style, ensuring that it’s in line with the rest of your site.

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Multiple Policies

There is no limit on the number of policies you can create, with each of them saving to your account – clearly labelled with the website and date created.

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Quick Access

Once the policy is created, it will be available for immediate viewing in your account, ready to insert on your site via formatted or html text. There are clear distinctions between the simplified and extended versions and all policies you create with us will be stored in your account for future access, displaying the date your policy was created.


We’ll monitor for updates

As part of our ongoing commitment to stay up to date with the latest privacy laws and keep you compliant, we monitor for updates from the OAIC and Australian government. Should an update take effect, we’ll amend the service(s) and let you know so you can create a new policy to ensure that you’re site is up to date with the latest regulations. Simply go to your account, and use the ‘regenerate’ button.

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