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We don’t believe in annual or recurring charges, which is why we only charge you a one-off fee for each policy you create. This ensures that your ongoing costs are kept low throughout the life of your website, and that you know what costs you have upfront.

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  • One-off low price
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  • Simplified and extended versions
  • ‘What to do next’ guide
  • Style and implement your way
  • Updates when the law changes

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Create a privacy policy that is up to date with the latest laws from the OAIC. Click here to ensure your website is compliant in minutes with a privacy policy from My Privacy Policy.

Dual Policies

Your policy includes a simplified and an extended version. The simplified version is easy to read, while the extended version speaks the necessary legal jargon.

Quick Access

Once the policy is created, it will be available for immediate viewing in your account, ready to insert on your site – with clear distinctions between the simplified and extended versions.

We’ll monitor for updates

We will monitor for updates from the OAIC and Australian government. Should an update take effect, we will send you an email, in advance, so you’ll be prepared and up-to-date.

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