What’s next after updating your privacy policy

David Wilson - Jul 28, 2015

You’ve just updated your privacy policy, uploaded it to your site and gone back to work. While our privacy policies are quick and easy to create, there’s a few more important steps you could be missing.

  1. Read, review and understand the policy. If you understand the policy, you’ll know whether you’re acting in accordance to it and the laws it relates to. Being able to answer any visitor queries quickly and easily will demonstrate your knowledge and dedication, which will in turn reward you with enhanced trust.
  2. Once you’re familiar with the policy, publish it to your website. Should you need it, this is a great opportunity to improve the typography and layout of the policy to ensure it remains clear, structured, and readable by your visitors. If you need assistance with this, we recommend contacting one of our partners here.
  3. The next step is to tell your visitors that you’ve just updated your privacy policy. Privacy is a huge concern for most Australians, so letting them know ensures that they are aware of any changes to how you collect and store their information. It also shows that you take their privacy seriously, and this will go a long way in establishing a trusting relationship. You can do this via social media or a temporary site-wide notice / pop-up window. Our advice – write an informative email. A good email will:
    • explain that there is a change to the privacy policy, and why
    • outline when the changes will take effect
    • summarise what the changes are
    • link to the privacy policy
    • provide a contact point should they have any questions or concerns.

Here are a few examples of leading companies that have issued emails to their users/visitors regarding privacy policy changes. Consider a similar structure, in line with your company’s look and feel.

Once you’ve followed the above steps, you will not only have an up-to-date privacy policy, but you will have gained a better understanding of privacy laws, and how you collect and store information. This will translate to your visitors who will know that you take the protection of their privacy seriously.

If you have used My Privacy Policy and need some advice with any of the above, we would be more than happy to provide assistance. Simply contact our Support Team via [email protected].

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